Ivy Introspective Blog Tour + Character Interview with Jordy McAllen!

Hello again, folksies! I’m excited to be here today with a post for yet another blog tour– another one for my friend Kellyn Roth, whose book Ivy Introspective (book 2 of the Chronicles of Alice and Ivy) came out just last week! All the info is down below… under the super-awesome character interview I’ve got for ye all today 😉

So let’s not waste any time! Everyone, please welcome Jordy McAllen to the stage!

Before we begin, Jordy, please tell us about yourself! (for the people in the back, who are hiding in the back because they for some reason haven’t heard of you)

Hullo! I’m Jordy McAllen. I live at McCale House, which is where th’ heroine o’ Ivy Introspective travels, an’ I’m told I’m one o’ th’ author’s favorite characters, so really, how can ye no’ love me?

I’m sixteen, I’m a Scotsman, an’ some day I’ll be a doctor. Oh, an’ I hate th’ cold an’ th’ rain, so I’m miserable half th’ time. But so’s life. Back in me village, Keefmore, I’ve a family – a sister an’ a whole lot o’ brothers, an’ me parents, an’ we’ve sheep an’ few cows an’ plenty o’ chickens. I dinna miss it tae much, though – I’m so glad tae be workin’ at McCale House!

So then, as a Scotsman, what’s your absolutely favoritest favorite thing about Scotland? (You can choose more than one, so I’m contradicting myself, but don’t make us too envious)

I canna promise I willna make ye tae jealous. I admit it’s a lovely place tae live. There’s so many pretty views! Oh, an’ th’ people here are th’ best breed in th’ world. Honestly, it’s th’ people ye want tae meet – th’ Edinburgh hawkers an’ th’ still half-wild Highlanders an’ th’ country folk tryin’ tae scratch a living out o’ this English-run soil.

Because this question goes hand in hand with the one above, what’s your favorite food?

At th’ moment, black puddin’, but it varies by th’ day. I love most foods, an’ I’m no’ picky.

What made you want to study medicine?

There’s always illness at Keefmore, an’ th’ same goes for every town in Scotland. It makes sense for me tae try tae help heal people. Also, I was never one for farmin’. I need a bit more structure than tha’ – an’ all th’ studyin’ is structure. Plus a doctor’s life has a bit o’ unpredictability in a way tha’ farmin’ doesna – ye’re yer own man when ye farm, but ye have tae get th’ crops in an’ th’ sheep fleeced an’ all tha’ done in time. As a doctor, ye’re up at all hours o’ th’ night tendin’ people, an’ it’s always somethin’ different. Or at least it’s a different person most times!

It comes down tae th’ people, though. I want tae help – an’ this way, I really can.

That’s a noble pursuit 🙂 Give the audience a reason or two to read Ivy Introspective (other than your being in it, of course)!

An’ what other reason do ye need other than me presence? *winks* Well, I suppose ye might want tae meet Ivy an’ Violet – me two lasses. (Dinna ye tell them I called them tha’, though.)
I think this book talks about a lot o’ important things. It talks about findin’ yer worth an’ callin’ – it talks about bein’ brave enough tae leave home tae seek yer fortune – an’ it talks about findin’ yer worth in God. More than tha’, we talk about “mental health,” tha’ bein’ th’ modern understandin’ o’ it. An’ we talk about life in general. Lots o’ life. All th’ life ye could want. (An’ who could have enough life? So ye ken I’m no’ jokin’!)

Who, indeed? Thanks for the pitch– I’m not sure how much more of blatant recommendation my good followers could take from me xD For the next question, I kind of lost that spark of inspiration and had to resort to the age-old argument… Dogs or cats? And why? Seriously, why.

I’m no’ a pet person, really, but I’ve no’ a thing against either. I suppose I’d be more likely tae have a dog, since they’re a bit more trainable an’ I’ve had me share of useful dogs over the years, but I wouldna mind havin’ a cat. I suppose I really just dinna care. Though dogs are a smidge ahead because they’re so much bigger and more fun tae cuddle. (Ivy would disagree, an’ I think Violet would tae, but tha’s there quarrel tae have with me, no’ yers!)

Hah, that’s a refreshing answer.

Since you seem to do it so easily… Number one tip for making friends?

Be yerself! Er, unless ye’re Violet. *grins*

A’right, I’m jokin’. Even if ye’re Violet, ye should be yerself. But let’s hope th’ real Vi isna prickly and sarcastic – there’s more tae her than tha’, isna there now?

Here’s what ye do. Ye put a smile on yer face. Ye look them in th’ eye. Ye show some interest in them and dinna talk about yerself all th’ time. And ye make sure everyone ye can reach has a jolly time. What’s a better time tae create friendships than when ye’re having a jolly time?

But tha’ dinna mean everyone is suited tae be yer close friend. Well, nay, tha’d mean we were all th’ same! Now, there are just some people ye canna be friends with, an’ tha’s just fine. But tha’ doesna mean ye dinna be kind an’ pleasant tae everyone.

In fact, it’s yer close friends ye dinna be kind an’ pleasant tae. Why? Because bein’ a real friend means tha’ ye tell someone when they’re bein’ a fool, an’ ye yell at them, an’ ye tell them where they need improvement. An’ they do th’ same tae ye! Which I think a lot o’ people would be surprised tae hear me say, but then, those people are no’ me real friends, now, are they?

*compares notes to How to Make Friends and Influence People* I think I like your outlook better. Okay, last question, but certainly not least– what’s your favorite Bible verse and why?

1 Corinthians 16:13 –

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.”

I like a lot o’ verses, but this one strikes me as th’ best! It’s exactly what I’d like tae say tae every man I ken – “quit you like me.” Tha’ seems like th’ best way tae put me thoughts on most people.

An’ then o’ course I think we all ought tae be strong an’ stand fast in th’ faith – even if it isna easy. Tha’s what proves th’ real people from those just pretendin’ tae be real, now, doesna it?

Well, tha’s all I’ve got time for today! Thank ye for havin’ me here, an’ I hope we shall become better friends. I get a bit more time tae talk in book 4, so be watchin’ for tha’. *winks* I hear it all goes in me favor. I canna wait tae see how!

About the Book

In a world that doesn’t understand her, how can she grow?

Ivy Knight lives her life in a blur of confusion as the world passes her by in a tumultuous melody. She isn’t the perfect daughter or student, but as long as she can be with her family, she doesn’t mind watching rather than living.

Mrs. Chattoway treasures both of her granddaughters now that they’re reunited. When Ivy’s parents enroll her in a Scottish school for unique children, she’s happy to chaperone.

In a new place with a new guardian, Ivy discovers a special talent that helps her see the blurred world in a new way. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and Ivy becomes determined to find it—and help others do the same.


About the Author

Kellyn Roth is a Christian historical women’s fiction & romance author from North-Eastern Oregon who loves border collies. A ranch girl with a love for storytelling, she’s been writing since she was seven and published since she was fourteen.

Kell lives in the country outside a small town in North-Eastern Oregon with her family, cat, and three puppy-dogs. When not writing, she teaches writing and talks about writing, but she also enjoys other things. She just can’t think of any right now.


That’s all for today, folksies! Make sure to check out Kell’s new release and spread the word 🙂 I had the honor of beta-reading Ivy Introspective, and trust me, for all you historical fiction readers out there– and even some of you who aren’t– you won’t want to miss it. Also, the audiobook for the first book in the series, The Dressmaker’s Secret, recently released, so if you’re wanting to catch up on the series and prefer to listen, be sure to check that out as well!

Until next time,

~ Merie

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