About Me

Hey there, I’m Merie! I’m the girl who’s behind this blog and all its wonders.

Here’s the short version of things:

I’m a writer, reader, artist, dreamer, and most importantly, a daughter of the King. If you enjoy reading about fairytales, gemology, books, and the stumbles of a Christian teen, then welcome! If not, then you will at least like the dodo.

Here’s the longer, deeper, heavier, fuller version of things:

My name is pronounced like “Mary,” not “Marie.” I’m not French; I’m Chinese-Korean.

I’m not a patriot in the common sense of the word. I love my countries, yes, but I’m afraid that most people expect me to fully agree with their governments in order for me to be a patriot. Only God gets to have that kind of respect and love from me, because I don’t know but God’s kingdom is far better than anything man might give.

I’m an aspiring author-artist– which means I love to read, write, and make pretty things with pencils and pens and watercolors and things. I’ve been writing fiction since I was eight, reading novels since I was seven, and drawing animals since I was five.

I believe that I have progressed quite far since then.

I adore storytelling in any form– in writing, music, nature, or art. Granted, I’m not a musical person, and I live in the middle of a huge city, so nature and music are not one of my more common hobbies. But through writing and art, I hope to spread God’s light and live my life for His glory.

Here’s a list of my likes:

  • Fiction novels (fantasy, fairytale retellings, some dystopian, a few historicals, spy novels, steampunk, a Christian thriller now and then)
  • Tragic, tear-jerking music (except I never cry when I listen to it)
  • Mountains (so majestic)
  • Ocean (so beautiful)
  • Mountains by the ocean (it’s like a combination of the two most beautiful things on Earth how can you not love)
  • Fairytales, gemology, folklore, and animals (yeah you already got that)
  • China, Korea… and Texas ( 🙂 )
  • Mountain hiking (eh, it goes with mountains)
  • Pretty art (… well, what did you expect?)
  • Talking about Creationism (…and evolution)
  • History (but alas, there is yet to come a day where I will not find a history book that is not GROTESQUELY BIASED and overindulgent to the country from which it came)
  • Mythical creatures (specifically the wolpertinger, dragons, griffins, and the basilisk yes I’m horrifically morbid)

I post on Imperial Scribis every Tuesday and Saturday. Here I write about books, fairytales, life, writing itself, art, and of course, Jesus– among many other things. Get ready for bullet-point lists, rambles, pure INFJ-ness, and lots of winking (I promise you I don’t wink this much in real life, but I do smile mischievously a lot). If you dare to click on the follow button, then you might as well buckle up for a wiiiiiiiiild ride!

See ya around!

~ Merie Shen