the beauty (?) of secular fiction

I have a lot of problems with secular fiction. Everyone does. I could go on a mile-long rant on the subject, and I have. I've seen others do the same, plenty of times before. But I don't really see us talking about why we still read it or watch it anyway. We like to complain … Continue reading the beauty (?) of secular fiction

i’ll get around to it later… (the blog tag)

Hallo, folksies! Today I'm doing a blog tag that seems perfectly suited to anyone who's ever called themselves a book worm: the "I'll Get Around to It Later" tag. In which we talk about... procrastinating... on reading. 🙂 Now without further ado, let's get it! The Rules Link back to the original post at Quote, Unquote so … Continue reading i’ll get around to it later… (the blog tag)