Guest Post by Kellyn Roth~ On Your Own: Challenges and Rewards of Indie Publishing (Reveries Co. Launch)

Hi, friends (and stalkers alike)! Today I have a guest post written by Kellyn Roth of Reveries, who has just launched Reveries Co., a publishing company (!), co-founded by Angela R. Watts. Keep reading for some interesting facts about the world of independent publishing.

Hi y’all! Kellyn Roth here. I’m an indie published author, and as such, I’ve done a lot of research into the pros and cons of self-publishing.

Now, I don’t want to bash traditional publishing. But I do want to let y’all know that being independently published is a choice and a good one at that!

What is indie publishing?

Indie publishing is when an author publishes through a print-on-demand/ebook supply service like Kindle Direct Publishing, Lulu, or (until recently) Createspace without a publishing company.

This means the author is in control of every aspect of the publishing process.

Indie vs. Self?

Self-publishing and indie or independent publishing are synonyms. They mean the same thing. I usually use indie, though, as it has less of a negative stigma.

Which brings me to the first challenge of indie publishing … said negative stigma!

People believe indie books are unprofessional.

I’ve heard everything—those who self-publish are making a last ditch effort to get out their terrible books, they’re never edited, they’re inferior in every way to traditionally published books.

This, of course, is untrue, but it nonetheless makes it hard to sale books.

The flipside is this: you get to overcome that stigma!

Indie authors get a fun job; they get to break the low expectations surrounding them. So I do my best to get a beautiful cover, an amazing editor, and study the craft as best I can to get my books out there and show people that indie books can indeed be amazing.

Challenge #2 …

You give up all marketing help and backing from a big name company.

If you’re published by Thomas-Nelson or Baker House, then obviously you’ve got a lot more behind you. In fact, when indie publishing, you start out with practically nothing as far as a platform goes.

In addition, when traditionally publishing, you get paid instead of shelling out cash for book cover design, editing, etc.

However …

With Indie Publishing Comes Independence

No one can tell you how to write your book, what decisions to make during rewrites and edits, who to hire for editing, cover design, and other services, when you publish it, and how you promote it. It gives you a freedom that traditional publishing never will.

In addition, indie publishers get a bigger slice of their royalties. If you can sell enough copies, you stand to make a considerable sum!

But even with these pros, isn’t it possible that indie publishing will always be the little brother of big publishing houses, never truly succeeding and never gaining any credibility?

I don’t think so!

Indie publishing is on the rise.

Most authors don’t publish independently because they’re desperate or because their books aren’t good. No, there are more and more writers moving away from traditional publishing all the time.

Why? The main reasons are the freedom and finances.

The higher royalties are tempting, and with the internet, it’s getting easier and easier to reach readers through social media, blogs, and email lists.

In addition, indie publishing is a great way to get your voice heard and your book out even if you opinion isn’t popular or your book doesn’t necessarily fit into any one genre (though that will make it harder to sale regardless).

But what’s my number one tip for those considering indie publishing?

Take it seriously! Indie publishing is a business, and you have to be professional.

I’m going to sound like I’m selling my services, which is not my intent, but it’s important to get at least a professional book cover designer and editor, and there are many other services that can help you succeed, too!

Though there are many people who write amazing books and publish them as well as any traditional publishing company, there are also people who … don’t.

I’ve read books that I had to put down halfway through due to all the errors. There are book covers out there that have made me flinch. There are so many people who publish their first book (and, trust me, you should never publish your first book) with very little regard to the poor readers’ eyes if someone should actually pick it up.

These types of people give a bad name to indie publishing, I’m sorry to say.

However, it can be done well—but oftentimes a bit of help is needed, which is my primary reason for starting Reveries Co. … to help indie authors succeed (though, of course, we’re more than willing to work with traditional publishers, too!).

Thanks for reading my post!



I’m certainly excited. And to celebrate, the awesome team at Reveries Co. is holding a huge giveaway! AND I MEAN HUGE.


The blog tour graphic up at the top says it all, pretty much. Here are the links to follow the company:

Website // Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

Then there’s the Reveries Co. Launch Blog Tour– and here’s the entire schedule!

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Okay, that was a long post.

But it was a fun one. Go check it out! It’s really cool! 😉

Until next time,

~ Merie Shen

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