Pronunciation Guide

Because we all need help sometimes.

*Note: a lot of these names are taken from different languages but have been fitted to my world, usually with some inspiration from the original pronunciations 😉

Character Names

Abishai: AB-ish-eye

Edain: Ee-DAIN; EE-dain (whatever fits the mood, y’know)

Ereni: Eer-REEN-ee

Nisha: NEE-shah

Savannah: Sah-VANN-ah

Teddy: TED-dee (hey, I’m just being safe here. there are some people who really don’t care about pronunciation)

Place Names

Drammos, Drammish: DRAHMM-os, DRAHMM-ish

Gildak, Gildaken: GIL-dack, Gil-DACK-en

Iyan, Iyanic: EYE-an, Eye-AN-ick

Lahi: Lah-HEE

Naliya: NAH-lee-yah (fun fact– it’s the pinyin spelling of the question “where?” in Chinese)

Rulang, Rulangi: Roo-LAHNG, Roo-LAHNG-ee (so to clarify, the a is not long a or short a or o sound; it’s pronounced like “ah” with no Western twang thankyouverymuch)

Shamsa Palasì: SHAHM-sah Pah-lee-SEE (yes there’s an a I see it but it’s pronounced like an i okay chill)

Videreh: VEE-deh-reh