The Four Winds Saga

A tale chronicling the sort-of adventures of four not-quite-heroes in a world that doesn’t really need saving…

When one fiddles with the order of science, experiments backfire. When one fiddles with the order of magic, nightmares are born. This time, someone fiddled with science and magic…

And now the land of Videreh might be in danger.

In the east, rumors of terrible sea creatures spread alongside sightings of a mysterious and powerful being. A fairy? An angel? What is keeping the monsters at bay?

In the north, the forces of an unknown enemy entrap the people in a timeless slumber. But somewhere in the sun palace, a single soul awaits a miracle.

In the west, the sky threatens to slip from its hold. As floodwaters rise, an enchanting melody drifts from the forests, a voice singing for anyone who might be able to hear…

And in the south, politics rage after the prince is murdered while cold hearts freeze all the meanwhile.

A girl with no powers, another girl with somewhat useless powers, a magician’s apprentice with no magic, and a blue-haired stranger with no memories find themselves thrust into a quest to uncover the secrets threatening to decimate their homes. (But again, if their homes are endangered at all.)

Easier said than done.

GENERAL INFORMATION (provided by you helpful folksies)

GENRE: fantasy with fairytale and folkloric inflections, a touch of dystopian, a world with cultures and history based on ours, and because you asked for it, there are superheroes.

Find the Table of Contents HERE and a pronunciation guide here (all for your convenience, not because I’m a stickler for pronunciation or anything).

The Four Winds of Videreh

Iyan: the frigid southernmost and smallest province of Videreh

Gildak: the sweltering northernmost province of Videreh

Drammos: the mercifully temperate easternmost province of Videreh

Rulang: the mostly temperate westernmost and largest province of Videreh