The Star Wars Character Tag

Hey, folksies! I'm so excited for today's post... Because my dear friend Penny at A Southern Belle with Stories to Tell tagged me for this WONDERFUL character tag which she made BY HERSELF, and even though I'm not a Star Wars fanatic I'm still super-excited!!! 😀 So let's get started! Rules 1. THERE ARE NO … Continue reading The Star Wars Character Tag


April 2019~ A Cupful of Worth

Hello, folksies! Today is Wednesday, 3rd of April, which means a new Year of Treasures post. April is going to be a pretty busy month for me, so get used to random posts popping up on Mondays, as well as a double-post day on occasion. (Don't worry-- it won't get too crazy over here! I'd … Continue reading April 2019~ A Cupful of Worth