Book Review Policy

Imperial Scribis is a book blog as well as lifestyle and faith! I love sharing my passion for books among a wide range of genres. If you’d like to have your book reviewed on my blog, please read through these guidelines and make sure your book meets them before filling in the request form.

Review Book Guidelines

  • I will only review fiction novels, novellas, and short stories on this blog. If you’d like a review on a nonfiction book, please just message me on Goodreads, and we’ll figure something out.
  • Although I sincerely adore physical copies of books, I’m afraid it isn’t possible to send me a copy through the mail. Thus, I can only receive eBook copies.
  • My preferred genres are in speculative and historical fiction. I may accept contemporary, though.
  • I will not accept horror, erotica, or any other genre that is unsuitable for younger readers or against my beliefs.
  • Anything that glorifies violence or evil will not be accepted. I’m more specific about my level of tolerance on violence, though, so you should ask about that.
  • PG-13 rating at best for romance and language, thank you very much.
  • I like my review books to be God-honoring, or at the least not be disrespectful. Elements of faith are encouraged.
  • I will not read books that shed good light on elements such as evolution, premarital sex/sex out of marriage, LGBTQ+ relationships or genders, swearing, abortion, etc.
  • Dark topics are okay as long as they aren’t graphically detailed or glorified, and they should be handled biblically with light.
  • Magic is a tricky subject; my preferences are detailed, so if your book is fantasy and contains or mentions use of magic contact me for information.

If you have any questions about the content ratings, feel free to ask me!

A List of Genres

  • Fantasy (includes all subgenres as long as they follow the guidelines listed above; retellings/fractured fairytales do count)
  • Historical fiction (preferably with a dash of clean romance)
  • Dystopian (for this genre, it must have Christian faith elements)
  • Steampunk (because that’s literally the only subgenre of sci-fi that can keep my interest for long)
  • Biblical fiction (again, preferably with clean romance)
  • Christian suspense/thriller/mystery (not too dark or graphic, though)
  • Christian contemporary

And those are my list of genres so far! If your book follows the guidelines above and fits somewhere in my list of favorite genres, then feel free to use the form below to submit your request, and I’ll get back to you soon! If you’re not sure, then it’s more than likely that it doesn’t. You can always ask if you have any questions on my Contact page!

Request Form

*Note: I may not accept books if I am too busy or am uninterested in reviewing. If the case is the former, I will put up a notice here. If the case is the latter, I will notify you.