just human

I guess there is something unmagical about being human.

We come up with the same things every day, every year, every century, and somehow find a way to make it look original. We struggle with the same problems through every era of history, and each solution to it seems to bring a new one to the surface. We cannot fight the dragons of our lives with swords and magic spells; sometimes waking up each morning is a battle all on its own. Even our dreams are weird.

How come in books people always have cooler and less unlikely dreams than people in real life?

You know how sometimes when people talk about how amazing and progressive humanity is, the term “humanity” suddenly feels very exclusive? Humanity came up with stories like The Odyssey and Pride and Prejudice and Harry Potter. Humanity discovered the laws of nature and mathematics. Humanity invented chocolate cake. Well, when people talk like that, we tend to nod along and agree with it, but the truth is, I didn’t write The Odyssey, and I didn’t discover any law of nature except possibly the Law That States the World Does Not Revolve According to Mankind’s Wishes and Ways, which I’m sure everyone discovers on their own at some point in their lives, and I sure can’t bake chocolate cake by throwing together random ingredients and hoping for a miraculous chemical reaction. I’m sure you all relate.

But then we start talking about all the failures of humanity–all the problems, all the suffering, all the ordinariness, and suddenly you completely relate to everything. Ah, which Marvel character would I be? Probably Civilian 382 that tripped and fell during the mass escape of I-don’t-know-which-scene-to-reference-because-I-haven’t-watched-any-Marvel-movies-in-a-while. Among all the fantasy races, I’m thinking we can all relate most to the humans because we can’t exactly fling elemental powers around or even, like, consider sucking someone’s blood without wanting to gag (pfft, us humans, such weak constitutions, right?), also we apparently “breed like rabbits” according to every higher fantasy race in every fantasy book ever because for some reason humans who can’t really do anything manage to overpopulate the universe while those higher fantasy races just lurk around in the shadows forever with their elemental powers and blood-sucking prowess and whatnot. Also, that research paper about the evils of the Internet that’s due next Wednesday, which I should probably not be procrastinating on right now but totally am? Yeah, you can relate to that too.

This just really makes me wonder. How exactly are humans so powerful in the majority of fantasy books? Like… what did we do?

Most stories seem to answer that it’s because we’re “adaptive” and flexibly evolve civilization in order to survive in our situation. That makes us seem very nice and useful, and the other races just for some reason cannot do the same thing. Either that, or we’re completely useless little beings who need to be protected by every higher race because we’re incapable of flourishing on our own.

But now we’ve come to the 21st century, and we’ve GROWN. Right? We all know how it is now. It’s all about celebrating yourself and being *different* but also not *different as in toppling any hierarchies that are already in place* and Disney-Channel-style self-love and self-care and self-service and fun stuff like that. Let’s set aside our pasts, celebrate our differences, and all be friends!! Yes, you’re allowed to have your opinions of course!! But like, only if they don’t offend anyone!! If not then you’re an egotistical jerk and you should be forever cast out of society and like the kings and queens we are we will move on despite being scarred by your detrimental views toward wHo We ArE!!

History loves to repeat itself. Society is always going to fall under the “the-world-still-revolves-around-me” headspace.

Looking back at what I’ve just written, this all seems very caustic and deprecating, but at the same time it feels like I’m roasting… a lot… of things… Oops?

No, the point of this post is NOT to make everything sound caustic and deprecating and make you all feel terrible for being human. I really hope I’ll never end up doing anything like that on this blog or, you know, anywhere else, really.

The truth is, it’s hard to state what humanity really is because there are so many ways it can be taken differently. But does the definition really differ from person to person? We’re all humans. We all make mistakes, right? Therefore there’s always a chance that we’re holding the wrong beliefs. Can we really trust humans to define for ourselves what is human and what is not?

We tend to measure ourselves by potential first, then by what has been accomplished, juxtaposed against what has yet to be accomplished. In that sense, there will always be something in the distance, a shortcoming of sorts, or an obstacle that can’t be overcome in this generation. On a smaller scale, how many of us really wake up every morning, look at our reflection in the mirror, and *~celebrate~* what we see?

Being just human, that’s not a magical thing. There’s nothing glitzy or glamorous about it. It’s simple, complicated, beautiful, ugly, exhilarating, terrifying, infuriating, rewarding, and sometimes not… But being humanity, none of us will ever be content to just sit here, stagnant, and not try to be better than we are. That’s not a bad thing, but like pretty much anything related to humankind, it can quickly be turned into one.

Do you ever just go, “Dear God, I know I shouldn’t but sometimes I really want to be just a little more than ‘enough’ for the world”? Yeah, well… I haven’t found a solution to that either, but I don’t think one exists.

Um, as for humanity, the topic at hand… I admit it ain’t pretty for the most part, but in it there’s still a “grace too powerful to name.” In humanity you can still see Him.

Who are we to say, then, that He can’t see us? And who are we to say He doesn’t have it all figured out, long before the rest of us ever came close?

We are just human. One of the biggest failures of our people is that we don’t look outside our own minds.

Until next time, which presumably should be after I do complete that research paper about the evils of the Internet,

~ Merie

12 thoughts on “just human

  1. This was certainly a thought-provoking read – which is a good thing. I love your way of writing, very real and musing, and I appreciate how you brought it all to end. Good stuff, Merie. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. i’m quoting you on all of this, just so you know

    but man. being human is weird. i don’t know if it’s just me with the mental disorders, but i’ve aways felt like an alien of some sort. not sure why. but we’re alive all the same, and that’s pretty cool. 🙂 how’d your paper go, by the way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oof. not sure you wanna quote ME on this xD

      Maybe part of being human is feeling like an alien sometimes–we’re too different to belong entirely but too similar to belong with anything else? And my paper went well, thanks for asking! 😀

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