Help… I Think I’m Kind of Lost

Wednesday morning I ran, with somewhat loaded arms, up and down six flights of stairs countless times, and not because I wanted a workout.

I don’t think I’ll ever have to trek up six flights of stairs to reach my home ever again. I’ll kind of miss that. Elevators are overrated but sometimes also quite beautiful inventions.

Life is scary. New things are scary. Having to walk up to and face new things is even scarier. Typhoons are also scary. I prefer just the occasional bout of really loud, really fierce wind that blows bad air days away. But apparently that’s more common in the dry regions. Here, you get rain.

Not that I don’t like rain. I love rain. It washes the city clean and it makes the green things look even greener, and after it’s gone the sky is clear for a little while again. There seem to be a lot of green things around here, even in January. Skyscrapers too. From a bird’s vantage point, this place has a lot more high-rise buildings than anywhere else I’ve been, except maybe Dallas. The buildings in Dallas have great architecture. I remember that even though it’s been years since I’ve seen them.

Have I ever mentioned that I love architecture?

It’s supposed to be glamorous here. Or at least, someone told me that once… (If you’re reading this, Someone, guess what? I’m here now.) I was never a glamorous person. I don’t think I’ll ever be. But it can be fun to adjust. Sometimes.

Most of the time it’s just really, really hard.

The trains that rush by every few minutes stun Kipling each time. It’s pretty loud here, too… I would’ve thought I’d gotten used to that. Not so. I hope we find somewhere quiet.

Anyone notice anything strange about this page here?

Always be a happy camper, but after you find a place where you can lie down and cry for a bit; then you can come back.

Until then…

~ Merie

20 thoughts on “Help… I Think I’m Kind of Lost

    1. (But that sounded insensitive to places that are really suffering – ugh, that wasn’t what I meant! I meant more like, “I wish I could just be grateful for what I have even though I feel like my life isn’t glamarouos …” but instead it came off … rude. Words are hard!)

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