How We Rise Blog Tour + Book Shoutout!

Happy day, folksies! Today I've got another blog tour post (lots of spring releases this year!) in celebration of Brooke Riley's debut novel, How We Rise. This has been a long time coming, and I'm so happy that Brooke has finally put this out into the world ❤ So today I'm spotlighting How We Rise! … Continue reading How We Rise Blog Tour + Book Shoutout!

The [Extremely Long Overdue] Music Tag

I cannot ignore or deny the opinion that from afar this graphic looks very much like one of those fossilized-in-amber insect exhibits you see in museums and textbooks Hello folksies! I think I need to stick to a blogging schedule or I'll never get all the stuff I want to post posted... But that's not … Continue reading The [Extremely Long Overdue] Music Tag