Prologue: The Last Letter (The Four Winds Saga, Part One)

Dear Teddy,

Do you remember the first time we went fishing in Lahi? I couldn’t imagine why you thought it such great fun, to sit there holding long poles attached to long lines attached to hooks in the water. I expected it to be more– I don’t know, just more. I always thought it would be as exciting as throwing nets from a fishing boat, as they do here in Gildak, but less dangerous. But you love fishing, so that night when you asked me if I enjoyed it, I lied and said yes.

But now you know the truth: fishing is boring to me. I haven’t recalled that little white lie until this afternoon, when Sigord came in with your letter.

As much as I disliked sitting and doing nothing (or, as you cavaliers call it, waiting), I could never complain because I was doing it with you. I wouldn’t have missed the experience for the world anyway, since we hardly ever see each other. Remember when we visited that huge library in Naliya? I will always cherish the words you muttered under your breath while I dragged you through seven levels of bookshelves: “Most young ladies enjoy reading romance or mystery novels, not the dictionary.”

Between the two of us, I think I have a better say in what the majority of young ladies read more so than you, if you don’t mind my saying.

(Stop laughing.)

Now, you’re always ribbing me for being a romantic (even though I read “the dictionary,” as you believe) so I shall do my best not to sound like a little schoolgirl. But I will certainly not shy from the truth.

I miss you terribly and almost wish you didn’t have to be a knight, but of course I would not wish that upon you. (I suppose if your father was not the greatest knight in Videreh, our paths may have never crossed; as it was, neither of us had much of a choice in it. And… don’t ever tell Sigord I said that.) Sometimes I am almost afraid that you do not consider the dangers of being a knight. Pray don’t lose yourself in recklessness on this quest of yours.

I don’t know if this letter will reach you in time before you leave. If it doesn’t, I suppose the world can disregard it; but I pray you’ve received it, because as much as I hate saying goodbye, it is even more dreadful not to say it at all. If you die, then we will never be married, and since everyone has been expecting it since we were but children, it would be a horrid disappointment to us all.

Oh, wonderful– now I’m crying. Sigord will be distressed and will have to ask why, and how shall I tell him that you’ve gone to carry out this final step of your training? (I know I’m rambling now, but don’t tell me you won’t treasure it in your heart forever.) He will know soon enough anyhow, if he doesn’t already. Everyone will. And then they will pass me in the halls with sympathy clear on their faces and of course then I should never stop thinking about you.

But how very selfish of me, thinking of myself and how I would go on without the assurance of your safety, when you are the one in uncertain waters! I don’t want to add more worries to your burdens– doubtless there are dozens of other people counting on your success– but look at me doing exactly that. I guess I shall close for now, then. Give your father and mother and sister my warmest regards and a hug for me and the Driton be with you!

Take care, and bring a mini wyvern for me when you come back,

Lady Edain of Shamsa Palasì

17th Day of the 8th Moon, 168th Year of the Rat

You must be looking at me strangely.

A letter? you must be asking. Furthermore, a sort-of love letter? M, what is all of this about? First of all, chill with the italics. Second, if you truly want to know, the Four Winds Saga has a page all its own now and you can click HERE to read about it if you wish (the pronunciation guide will be up soon, once enough names are introduced for it to actually be of any use).

THANK YOU ALL so much for planting the seed for an idea for this story! Fantasy was the most-wanted genre, so I couldn’t turn you down, and not to mention I am pretty comfortable with it, so I wasn’t disappointed xD Fairytales came in as a close second (go figure), so you will see that as well. Superheroes was another popular choice, which was a pleasant surprise. So you can expect a fantasy-style spin on those, too. The most wanted subgenre was historical fantasy, and I’M SORRY but my history is not good enough for that! So I had to make do by basing the worldbuilding off of cultures and historical events in our world. *holds hands up entreatingly*

I don’t want to disclose what the 2 most-wanted tropes are (they got equal votes!) but you’ll find out soon enough. 😉 Actually maybe not that soon enough, but I don’t want to garner too much suspicion.

THANK YOU FOR THE NAMES. Some of the names y’all sent in fit right in PERFECTLY. (Teddy is a nickname for Theodore! And yes, I know Edain is a male name but it sounded so lovely and feminine and I probably sound ridiculous but that’s how it turned out.) This is the prologue, and these aren’t the main characters, so you might find some of those wonderful names sneaked into other places. (And sometimes I may have tweaked them. :D) Speaking of characters, I can assure you that there is a healthy number between 4 and 104,920,904.

Also there was an astonishing number of pillars of darkness and gloom. And, unsurprisingly, nearly every single one of you asked me a question I will not answer for now. *zips lips* *unzips them for a moment* I won’t be able to include every single one of your wishes into this story, because I don’t even know what makes space opera a space opera. And yeah.

Whew, what a lengthy post. But it’s over now, and I’m quite pleased with the result. Let me know what you thought of this prologue (and the story blurb) in the comments!

Until next time,

~ Merie

19 thoughts on “Prologue: The Last Letter (The Four Winds Saga, Part One)

  1. AHHHH! I’M SO EXCITED!!! for some reason, i missed the voting post, so i didn’t get to vote for this series 😦 but i know it’s going to be amazing with your writing! the blurb is so cool and i can’t wait for the rest of the installments! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alllll the heart eyes! That letter was EMOTIONAL! I don’t know if I’ve seen your writing in such a large chunk, but I need more XD Plus, Edain is amazing and I love the name (hope I spelled it right) and I need more Teddy ASAP

    Liked by 1 person

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