NaNo Update: I’m Dropping The Art of Skating Fire

*laughs nervously* Hi, folksies.

Yes, you read that title right. *cough* I’m dropping my 2019 NaNo novel.

And I’m not picking up another one.

You see, The Art of Skating Fire is a special story because it’s about people who live my kind of life. I know that someday I will write this story, but today is not that day– I don’t believe I’m in the right place to write it at this time. I cannot emotionally connect with the story in the right places to make it click. Remember how I said that one of my favorite things about it is that it’s set in Beijing, which we’re leaving next year? I wanted to bring something with me to Shanghai. But I think that to write this story I’m going to have to be in Shanghai already, penning it through the memories I took with me instead.

Besides that, I just don’t have the motivation to complete it for NaNo, and I don’t think I can write fast enough on another project to make up for this first week. That being said, I will spend the rest of November cleaning up Andromeda, which means I’ll be opening it up for critique sooner!

Besides that? I am super excited to announce my next project…

… Which, of course, I shan’t tell you about until it’s time to.

Sneaky hint: it is, technically, a contemporary– in the way that the time setting is in the modern day. Of course, that’s not really helpful considering Andromeda is a “contemporary” in the same way, but… okay, besides that, it is a fantasy.

A fairytale fantasy.

*zips lips* That’s all I’m letting go for now. All I can say that this story is one that I absolutely CANNOT wait to write. I love it as much as I love Andromeda (except maybe a teeny bit less, because Andromeda is older and so has years more of my love). The main protagonist is a RIOT and my sister and I often refer to this entire series (yes it will be a series) using his name instead of the title. Haha. That’s how much we love him. And believe me, it’s incredibly rare for my sister to like one of my MCs as much as she loves *him* so I consider my goals ACCOMPLISHED.

Plus, did I mention, I had a plot outline for the entire book already set up and pretty way back in June?

Yes, June. I have no idea what I was thinking, plotting out an entire story like that, but I’m so thankful because now I don’t really have to outline anything else except character development arcs, which are gonna be like cheesecake for this one.

So yes, as you can see, I am ridiculously excited for this novel.

But before that, we do have Andromeda, and I’m excited for that, too. Mostly ’cause some people (you know who you are!) are awesome folksies who know how to get me excited about my writing projects. Y’all are the best.

Okay! So that’s it. Also, last week I celebrated Imperial Scribis‘s one-year blogiversary and I’m doing a Q&A in honor of it, so if you want to ask me questions for it go here. Other than that, I think we’re finished.

Until next time,

~ Merie S.

17 thoughts on “NaNo Update: I’m Dropping The Art of Skating Fire

  1. ahhh merie. i get it. i get it entirely. sometimes you need to set some books aside til you’ve grown to write it. and that’s a very good thing. 😀
    and i can’t wait for this newest project!! ahhhh

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  2. Aww, well even though I really loved the idea of The Art Of Skating Fire, I understand that choice 100%, because I know how it can be. We’ll stand behind your decision to write whatever you know needs to be written! 🙌✌️❤️
    Also, I am SUPER excited for your new project and Andromeda!!!! Good luck with those, dear folksie! 💕

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  3. Woah,
    The Art of Skating Fire seems like such an amazing concept, but I understand why you’re postponing it.
    I once tried to do 50k in a month, but I felt like that just exhausted my writing energy. Would not recommend.

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    1. Haha, thanks. I’m saving the project for the future. 🙂 I’m a slow writer; not everyone’s like me; but besides that this project was really not the right one this time, you know what I mean?

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  4. I totally understand that you are choosing to wait to write “The Art of Skating Fire”. Sometimes you have to wait for the right time to write a book. And when the time is right, I’m sure it’s going to come out great.

    I’m super happy that you will be working on finishing “Andromeda”, though. 😉

    But this new project… *HEART EYES* IT LOOKS GREAT!!! Can you tell us which fairytale you are going to base it on? Or would that be have too many spoilers?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy that you understand!! I agree wholeheartedly.

      So am I, lol. It definitely needs a lot of focus right now.

      Ahhh, but it’s not based on any one fairytale. 😉 It’s actually not spoilery in the book, but I just like keeping secrets. Heheh. I’ll be announcing it on the GR chat pretty soon though, so…


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