Souls Astray Blog Tour~ Guest Post by Adele Collier

Happy Saturday, folksies! Today marks the beginning of the blog tour for the amazingness Kellyn Roth‘s newest book, Souls Astray. My lips are zipped about the book in itself, so you won’t be hearing much from me ( 😉 ), but I do have a special guest for today’s post…


Adele Collier

Hello readers!

Well, I must say it is nice to finally have a platform to speak on. I’ve always wanted to give my professional advice on the subject of relationships. *grins then sighs*

Okay, well, it’s not exactly professional, and in truth, I can sometimes make a mess of things. But that means I have experience, anyways, and I tend to learn a lot.

Oh, I forgot you probably don’t know me! Well, simply put, I’m Adele Collier, one of the two main characters in Souls Astray (and in the rest of the Kees & Colliers series).

Let me see. How to start? There are so many relationships in life—and frankly, every single one has the potential to become a mess. But I’ve seen good relationships. For one, I love my best friend, Millie. She’s everything to me.

One difficult relationship in my life is with my mother. She’s never really cared for me, and we clash on basically everything two people can clash on. She thinks I’m a mess—and I suppose she’s right. But it’s my mess, and I’m not going to admit I don’t like it.

But a relationship with a parent is the most natural one in the world! What about the more complicated ones? What about men and love and marriage and babies sometime? (Note: I’m not a man, so obviously I can’t really give advice from that perspective. So this will mostly be about how to handle romance as a woman.)

Frankly, I struggle with romance. Nothing scares me more than the idea of being completely vulnerable to someone, and of course I can’t be a mother (which is where these things tend to lead traditionally). But there is a way to navigate the realms of dating without completely losing your mind!

Rule #1, don’t fall in love. Not that you’ll be able to help it, but just don’t. And when you do fall for those blue eyes, because in the end you will, don’t you ever, ever tell him. Not to be a skeptic, but I am a skeptic, so I’m going to be a skeptic: Men. Don’t. Love. Like. We. Do.

Okay, maybe that’s limited, but I’ve had a number of boyfriends—and my father and brothers were like this, too—and none of them wanted to stick around. Or else they wanted something in return for loyalty, and I have my standards.

So don’t go running to his arms. He’ll use it against you, probably, and if he doesn’t, he’ll still leave.

Rule #2, don’t let it hurt too much when he leaves. Because, again, he will. It helps me sometimes to pretend I don’t care until it’s real—regardless of what you have to tell yourself, don’t let him or his friends know. Broken hearts are out of style. Be fashionable.

It’s best to do something distracting, too, like opening a flower shop or drinking until you can’t see straight. Some people don’t believe in drinking, but I don’t see why. It takes you away, at least for a bit. I think we all need to get away.

Rule #3 is have fun with it. That’s sort of the point behind having boyfriends, after all. If you’re not enjoying every second of being someone, that’s probably a sign you should drop them like a hot potato.

[A note from the author: I VERY MUCH DISAGREE WITH WHAT SHE’S SAYING HERE. For heaven’s sake! You can’t trust any men? The moment you’re not perfectly and incandescently happy, jump ship? Drink to avoid your problems?]

You keep out of this! It’s my advice post. Now, let’s see, where was I? Oh, yes, happiness! Happiness is key. Look, kid. You’ve got to milk every bit of happiness you can get out of life. It isn’t going to come easily.

The world at large doesn’t want you to be happy, and neither do the people in it. It’s a sick place, but there is a bit of joy to be found in it—so find that and don’t let go! And don’t settle for second best. You don’t want to be stuck. After all, you only live once.

Now, let’s talk about marriage. A lot of women want to get married, heaven knows why. I don’t want to. At all. I mean, maybe I did, once, but like I said, I’ve learned a lot about men and about myself, and it just wouldn’t work.

That said, if you do get stuck in a marriage, be sure you know your escape routes—and try not to have babies. They’re awful, noisy, smelly little things.

But, if you do get married, and you’re the maternal type (Millie is), and you can promise me you won’t be a horrible mother … well, give it a shot. But I don’t have advice on that because I just don’t understand it—why would anyone want to be a mother?

Your children can hurt you, too, by the way. My mother hates me. I’m sure I hurt her feelings all the time, though I frankly don’t care.

It’s just best to avoid any situation or person that may prove painful or uncomfortable. You’ve heard: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Well, I say, “When the going gets tough, the smart get out.” Which doesn’t sound as good, but it’s better advice, I think.

Now, let’s talk about—

(A note from the author: this is where Adele was unceremoniously pulled from her pulpit by the long arm of the writer. Thanks for reading!)

Hey! It’s Merie again.

Hope you enjoyed that interesting advice from Adele! It provides a nice hint as to what Souls Astray might be about… But again, you didn’t hear anything from me. 😉 So anyways, besides all that, there is a lovely giveaway going on for this book launch… the prizes being a signed paperback copy of Souls Astray and a $20 Amazon gift card! It’s open internationally so, yeah, I wouldn’t miss out on it!


And click here to see the rest of the tour schedule (since it is pretty long, and I don’t want to detain you for too long)!

And I think that covers just about everything! Don’t forget to check out the rest of the blog tour– there are going to be some fun posts coming your way!

Until next time,

~ Merie

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