Birds and Simplicity and Life

Today I was reading a short little selection in my Chinese textbook that struck me with a very interesting realization. The story was about a little boy whose father loved birds. One day the father took his son out to a fringe of woods to watch songbirds in the trees. The little boy saw no … Continue reading Birds and Simplicity and Life

3 Types of Characters That (Almost) No One Writes about Anymore

There are actually a lot more than three. Of course, if you wanted me to go on and on about it forever I could, but since you probably don't, I won't. You know, I could totally do a post about 3 types of characters (almost) EVERYONE writes about, but I won't either, because reading a … Continue reading 3 Types of Characters That (Almost) No One Writes about Anymore

Let Them Sow

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.Tertullian Here's a very important topic that most of us Christians enjoy not thinking about: persecution. Every time I think of Christians being persecuted for our beliefs, a little shiver runs through me. It's kind of hard to not be disturbed in any way when … Continue reading Let Them Sow