Snowball and the Missing Apple Blog Tour~ An Interview with Snowball the Rabbit

Hey, guys! I’m very excited for today’s post, because– eeeeeep– Amie from Crazy A is publishing a book! And not just any book, folks– it’s a picture book! A real, actual, adorable picture book for kids and rabbit-lovers!! And it’s starring SNOWBALL, Amie’s awesome rabbit! If you don’t know and love Snowball, then… well, I really have nothing to say to that. 😀

So, in honor of this book publication, I’m hosting an interview with Snowball himself as part of the blog tour– the full schedule you can find down below. So without further ado, let us begin! 

Are you excited about letting the world read your story?

Of course I am excited.  I think the world should be able to see how incredibly awesome rabbits are.  Beatrix Potter did a very good job with that in the past, but don’t you think we need a modern rabbit advocate?  I do.

I suppose I agree! To be fair, I never really considered that… but thanks for letting us know. Do you think Amie captured your essence on paper well?

Well, since my face is too handsome for most people to handle, she had to tone it down.  But in the long run, yes, she made children friendly pictures.  

… I’ll take your word for it. So, is there a reason why apples are the most suitable snack for this story?

Yes. Everyone loves apples, and everyone has eaten apples, and apples are the best snack.  If Amie had chosen kale, that wouldn’t have been kid friendly, would it?  It would have scared them more than the Cookie Monster!

Guess you’re right about that. I never was a big fan of kale myself. Then what would you say to anyone interested in reading this book?

I would say…

Dear potential reader, I am Snowball Rabbit, and I wish you a very good day.  I hope you find everything to your liking with the weather, your breakfast, and the time you woke up this morning.  The book you are looking at is about me, and it is a very wonderful book that will remedy waking up at the wrong time, terribly burned bagels, and rainy days.  Thank you for your interest.  

Truly, Snowball Rabbit, detective.

And anything you’d like to say to other young writers/rabbits as they too embark on this journey?

Ah, yes.  To the rabbits, it is very helpful to listen to Southern Raised’s Beethoven’s 5th.  Very soothing to fried nerves.  To young writers… Have lots of white-out, give it lots of time, write, write, and rewrite.  (And to artists… It takes a long time to get a bunny even halfway looking like a bunny.  We’re very complex animals, let me tell you.) 

Amie says to tell you thank you for taking time to interview me… So thanks.

Aw, you’re very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! And that’s about it, my dear folksies… except for one more thing. Or two. Or three…

Now, this blog tour is about Amie’s new book, Snowball and the Missing Apple. So here’s the link to the book if you’re interested! (I mean, come on, after Snowball’s lovely little polite introduction to it, how could you not be?)

And also! Guess what, there’s a giveaway running for it too! Enter it for the chance to win some really cool stuff– including a stuffed white rabbit in honor of Snowball!



Blog Tour Schedule

February 18

Amie @ — Snowball day!

Anna @ — Book review

Mya @ — Book review

Sam @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 19

Amie @ — The process and ideas behind the book.

Faith Blum @ — Book Spotlight

Jana — Book spotlight

February 20 (today)

Amie @ — The enemy steals the blog

Merie Shen @ — Interview with Snowball

Hannah @ — Book review

Laura Danner @ — All of the options  

February 21

Amie @ — Amie talks about her future ideas with Snowball.

Starling @ — Interview with Amie and Snowball

February 22

Amie @ — a look at the real animals behind the book.

Parker Hankins @ — Book review and Snowball interview

Rosy Marr @ — Interview with Amie

Liz — Book spotlight, review, and interview with Snowball

Mary AKA Maria @ — Interview with Snowball

Abby Guenot @ — Book review

Holly @ — Interview with Amie

February 23

Wrap up post @ — Answering your questions on a LIVE youtube video!

That’s it for today, folksies! Hope you enjoyed the interview, and make sure to check out Amie’s book as well as the rest of the blog tour!

Until next time,

~ Merie

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